Some Pieces You May Want for Your Office

Your office space can be considered your second haven. This is another place wherein you can somewhat think and forget about all the things that you need to do in a while. Since this is the place where you formulate your ideas for the next projects and tasks on hand, you would need it to remain comfortable yet thoroughly designed to fit your personality. Sometimes, with the right furniture, you can think better.

  1. Ox Chair

The ox chair is known to be very masculine and this is the perfect piece for executives who would like to have a chair that can make them stay comfortable even when working long hours. This chair which is designed by Hans J. Wegner is designed for lounging. While you may not be able to do a lot of lounging a lot in the office, it is guaranteed to make your office look relaxing and comfortable.

  1. Marshmallow Sofa

The moment that you see this sofa, you will know immediately that this is not your ordinary sofa. This can probably be placed in the office lounge in order to help refresh the employees yet again because they have worked so hard. The design of this sofa is considered to be astonishing yet even though it does not look like it, it is very comfortable. Your staff will surely like sitting around in this unique Marshmallow sofa.

  1. Barcelona Table

It is likely that you would like a table that is so simple that you can barely describe how it looks like. You know that it is simple enough to be recognized as a table yet its simplicity is its beauty. This is how the Barcelona Table is. You can use it as your side table or maybe even your coffee table for entertaining guests and clients. The choice will be up to you.

With the three designed choices mentioned which one do you think you like the most.

The Only Womb Chair Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

womb chairs

The Womb chair is best known for the sense of security that it gives its users and for its neo-futuristic style which remains iconic to this very day. This chair was made by Eero Saarinen,  Finnish designer and architect, with an objective to create a chair of superior level comfort that is not only achieved by the cushion or material used in it but also by the shape of its shell.

Remember that there are various kinds of Womb chair. A Womb chair alone is comforting but we suggest that you get yourself a Womb Ottoman, as well. For something to bring comfort to you and your friends at a wider size there’s also a Womb Sofa available. So if you’re set on buying yourself one, then here’s a guide to help you in choosing what Womb chair is best for you.

The Color

We bet you didn’t see this one, coming, huh? Having this one on top of the list may seem surprising but let us explain. The Womb chair comes in a great variety of colors and undeniably so, you’ll need to get yourself a Womb chair that matches the coloring of your house’s interior. You can choose a % polyester boucle fabric color which may be 260k double rub or you can choose your own which is most likely to have an extra charge.

The Legs

womb chair leg

The legs of the chair will be the ones that will determine whether or not the chair is study enough to carry your weight. There are legs that are made of mild steel with chrome plating and there is also another type which is polished stainless steel.

The Comfort

The Eeero Saarinen Womb chair — or any type of chair — should always be comfortable. The comfort level that the Womb chair can provide depends on its shell. The more enveloped you are the more security and comfort the womb chair can provide you with. Unless you’re claustrophobic, that is.

The basic structure of the Womb chair’s shell is its molded fiberglass shell which is covered in foam and bright colored upholstery fabric. This is why you should choose your desired color first and foremost. Nowadays, instead of using molded fiberglass for the shell, we now use composite plastic.

The Longevity

We make sure that when we buy chairs or other sets of furniture, they last for a long time. When buying yourself a Womb chair, make sure that the product is of high quality. The higher the quality of the chair is, then the more you can rest assured that it will last long. Remember that in furniture buying, you get what you pay for. Don’t invest on cheap products for they are most likely the ones that will break down faster and believe us when we say that it will not be pretty.

Happy Customers

You’ll know when a retailer or a furniture shop has great products when it has a lot of happy customers. If you’re the type to buy his/her furniture online, then make sure to read the reviews about them first and think for a moment if you will really want to buy from them. When you see an online shop that doesn’t openly have a review page then don’t bother with them and move on to another. There is no 100% guarantee that their products are exactly as they claim it to be.

A high quality Womb chair only uses high quality materials and the finest leathers, plastics, steels, and even fabric. No great furniture is created by using mediocre equipment. Good retailers make sure that their product is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified before selling it to interested buyers.